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Event Spotlight:  Data Council in Austin TX

The data community will be coming together on March 28-30 in beautiful Austin, TX for Data Council 2023. The conference features three days of workshops and networking activities led by some of the top minds in data today.

A few talks we are excited about:

New Podcast Alert:  The Joe Reis Show

Joe Reis is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Fundamentals of Data Engineering and the co-host of the Monday Morning Data Chat with Matt Housley.

Joe launched a solo podcast this week that's available on Spotify.

Creator Spotlight:  Emilie Schario

Emilie's Newsletter is a compelling intersection of work themes and life themes. In her post, "The Swim Class Checklist", Emilie explores the power of the checklist and how to right-size your solution to fit the problem.

Community Spotlight:  dbt Slack

The dbt Slack community is a thriving spot to meet and talk with nearly 50K data practitioners. Here's a few hidden-gem channels (with ~1000 members, or less) to check out:

#advice-mock-interviews:  In this channel, members post interview questions and discuss how to answer them. It's an invaluable resource if you are looking for a job or if you are hiring and need ideas about how to screen the candidates.

#tools-vscode:  Most of us use the free VS Code IDE for dbt development, but do you know about the dbt-power-user extension?

#dbt-certification:  If you've been working with dbt, why not get certified in 2023? This channel has the best resources to prepare for the exam.