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Sharing is Caring

How do data experts share their knowledge? Where can you go to discuss the latest trends in data?

Data Columns is a weekly newsletter, brought to you by Hightouch, the data activation company. If you care about data, join us right here to learn about the who, what, when, and where of what's buzzing in data and squash your FOMO.

Data is critical to every organization. Whether you work in marketing, or finance, or operations, being data-savvy will make you even better at your job. This week we've compiled a list of resources for learning from and interacting with other industry leaders. Enjoy!

Creator Spotlight: Monica Kay Royal, nerdnourishment

Do you want to learn about data and how people in the industry are using data?

Check out nerdnourishment, an awesome resource for anything you might want to know about data! Follow Monica on LinkedIn to stay informed about live events, or checkout the recordings at the links below:

YouTube data nerd videos

nerdnourishment podcast page

Schedule time with Monica, includes networking and career development coaching

Event Spotlight: The Next Big Thing in Martech

Learn about how the data warehouse is transforming the Martech industry!

You won't want to miss this live session with Scott Brinker and Juan Mendoza, two of the most dynamic thought leaders in Martech. Join us live tomorrow at 1pm ET.

Breaking News: Brooklyn Data Co. Acquisition

Congrats to our friends at Brooklyn Data Co. on their acquisition by Velir!

Brooklyn Data Co. is a best-in-class consultancy firm, providing full-stack data and analytics services. They are respected leaders in modern data stack technology and leveraging tools like Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Sigma and Hightouch.

Velir is a leading data-driven experience agency. Together BDC and Velir will provide personalized website and marketing experiences--all powered by the data warehouse!

This acquisition is exciting news for both data and marketing teams, and a future of collaboration to build innovative digital experiences.

Community Spotlight: Locally Optimistic

Locally Optimistic is a fantastic online community of data professionals. Check out the site for blog posts about data leadership, culture and processes.

Want a more interactive experience? Join Locally Optimistic on Slack and contribute to the discussion! Here are a few examples from the #best-of-lo channel in Slack: