About Data Columns

About Data Columns

Data Colums is a community-led newsletter written by the Meredith Alder and Erik Edelmann.

Erik Edelmann, Data Advocate / Data Engineer

Erik has experienced and enjoyed many roles in data, having been both an engineer and a leader at startups like Vendr and WeWork. He also had the chance to see many different problems and solutions (and meet many practitioners and leaders) at a wide variety of organizations in his time as a manager at boutique data consultancy, DAS42, as well as in his own independent consulting work.

He now works as an Engineer/Advocate at Hightouch, the Data Activation company, where he has the privilege of talking the talk with members of the Data Community who walk the walk every day.

Meredith Alder, Data Engineer/SQL Instructor

Meredith is an experienced developer and engineer with a diverse data management and architecture background. She is currently a Data Engineer at Hightouch, the Data Activation company, and teaches Advanced SQL at CoRise. She is passionate about helping data teams build scalable, high-quality solutions and has served in roles at Brooklyn Data Company, Hudl, and as an independent consultant.

This newsletter aims to bring practical advice about leveling-up as a data practitioner. The focus is to bring relevant, topical advice on practical matters data people care about to your inbox. This isn't a newsletter about the future of data, nor will it be a vendor newsletter that talks about how great Hightouch is: it's editorially independent from Hightouch, and will focus on things you can use in your job today.

If you'd like to contribute or collaborate, or just want to give feedback about how good or bad this newsletter is, please reach out by email!